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Watch Travelxp on Sky, Channel 185 from 1st August 2019 in the UK. It’s our commitment to produce cutting edge travel related content for discerning & avid travellers across the globe. It’s a drive to bring others to travel to unseen & unexplored destinations. It’s a feeling of adding that next place to your list of new places to visit. It’s that amazing truth that no matter what, we will keep doing this without stopping.

It isn’t a statement. It’s your journey. It’s our journey.
Be. There.


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Off The Grid

The best part of travel is travelling off the grid, discovering the local gems and exploring the beauty of a place like a local. The [...]

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City Breaks

City breaks is a travel show that inspires people to explore new destinations, diverse cultures, exotic cuisines – everything a city has to offer. It [...]

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Food Fact Fun

When you are in a dilemma on reaching a place about what to see, what to do and what to eat then Food Fact Fun [...]

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